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Mary Humphreys and Anahata

Traditional English Folk Music


John Clare Tunes from our Whitby workshop.
Mary Humphreys and Anahata have unearthed and brought back to vivid life some rare gems of English song and dance music. They engage in extensive research into manuscript sources from the past. Performed with skilled musicianship and a huge variety of instruments, their repertoire has a particular emphasis on the East Anglian region in which they live.

They are continually busy at festivals and folk clubs, with concert performances, workshops and presentations, playing for dancers such as Old Glory Molly and Pig Dyke Molly and collaborating with other artists from time to time.

They have made five albums of their music, the latest, A Baker's Dozen released in June 2012.

Mary (who has her own web site) sings traditional songs, mostly in English and a few in her native Welsh, and plays banjo and concertina. Anahata accompanies with melodeons, concertina and cello, and they play instrumental arrangements, mostly of English traditional music.

They also play for ceilidhs, as a duo (Four Hand Band), a trio (Ethel's Cats) or in bands Fendragon and English Rebellion.

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"Their music seems to be simple, pared-down, beautiful and timeless"
Mick Tems, Taplas

"Wonderful and unusual versions of songs and brilliant accompaniments and tunes."
Pete Coe, Ryburn Folk Club

"I've been playing it over and over as I've been driving around in the car" -
Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2