As a seasonal gift to friends and any casual visitors passing by, we present this collection of songs and music recorded in 2002 for a CD we sent out as a Christmas card to our friends that year.

This year (2012) we've added a new track from our album "A Baker's Dozen".

Picture by Karen Cater of Hedingham Fair
$n - $title"; if ($desc != '') echo $desc; else echo " "; echo "\r\n"; } echo ''; track(1, 'Nos galan', "01tune.mp3", "A Welsh tune known as Deck the Halls in English."); track(2, 'While Shepherds Watched', '02shep.mp3', 'to a tune for Willie of Winsbury.'); track(3, 'Ar Fore Dydd Nadolig', '03nadolig.mp3', 'a Welsh Catholic carol of three verses. Verse one tells of the nativity, the second of the crucifixion & resurrection and the third is a prayer to the Virgin for her intercession.'); track(4, 'The Truro Wassail', '04truro.mp3', ''); track(5, 'Cherry Tree Carol', '05cherrytree.mp3', 'The date is not wrong in the song - it is Old Christmas Day'); track(6, 'The King', '06king.mp3', 'from the tradition of the Cutty Wren.'); track(7, 'Sweet Chiming Bells', 'sweetchimingbells.mp3', 'From our new album. One of hundreds of settings for "While Shepherds Watched"'); echo '
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