From the Kidson Collection, Yorkshire

As I roved out one morning fair
To view the fields and to take the air
I spied young Banker standing there
and by his side was a lady fair

Young Banker he had such a handsome face
All around his hat he wore a band of lace
Besides such a handsome head of hair
For my young Banker I would go there.

He said "My pretty fair maid will you go on deck
With a chain of gold all around your neck
and I will prove so true to you"
But the answer that she gave "I'll have none of you"

He turned him around for to go away
But she ran after him for to bid him stay.
"Oh stay! Stay! I will prove true"
But the answer that he gave "I'll have none of you"

I thought I heard the foreman say
"Pack up your gear 'cos we're going away"
It cut her to the very heart
To think that Young Banker and she should part

So come all you pretty young maids with senses of loss
That in love you have been crossed
For you may lament and you may say
Forever rue the day that you said Nay.

As sung by Mary Humphreys on album "Sharp Practice" (Wild Goose WGS 312CD)
From Mary Humphreys and Anahata's web site