Tune Joseph Taylor,words compiled from broadsides.

One morning in the month of May
As from my cot I strayed
Just at the dawning of the day
I met with a charming maid

Good morn,fair maid, and whither, said I,
So early tell me now
The maid replied,Kind Sir she said
I've lost my spotted cow

No longer weep, no longer mourn
Your cow's not lost my dearie
I saw her down in yonder grove.
Come love and I'll show you where

Unto the grove we did repair
Across the flowery dell
We hugged and kissed each other there
And love was all our tale

Into the grove we spent that day
We thought it passed too soon
At night we homeward went our way
And brightly shone the moon

If I should cross the flowery dell
Or go to view the plough
She comes and calls me, gentle swain
I've lost my spotted cow!

As sung by Mary Humphreys on album "Sharp Practice" (Wild Goose WGS 312CD)
From Mary Humphreys and Anahata's web site