(False young man/ Bonny green tree)
Coll Kenneth Peacock : Songs of the Newfoundland Outports Mrs Freeman Bennet, St Pauls NFL 1958

As I walked forth in the pride of the season
Thinking some pleasure there for to see
Who should I spy but a lovely young damsel
Sitting all alone under a green shady tree.

I said, me duck me dear and me darling
There's no tongue can tell how well I do love thee
You shan't want for love or affection
If you will fix your attention on me

She said, Young man you are better provided for
I am a poor girl of such low degree
Your friends and relations will always be scolding
So in my low station contented I will be.

I am a young man as you are a virgin
Married unto you contented I will be
Don't talk of friends love or any relations
I have no riches at all to give to thee.

So she sat herself down and he sat himself by her
They fell a-rifling in each others arms
With sweet milk and kisses and fonder embraces
They tasted the fruits of each others charms.

This couple fell asleep for the space of three hours
Under the youth of a shady green tree
But when he awoke and he found her no virgin
Married unto you I never will be.

O when I laid my head on that young man's pillow
Thinking that pillow it would be my own
Ah me poor girl must wear the green willow
Young men are false as its very well known.

Ripest of apples and soon they are rotten
Hottest of love and soon it is cold
Young men's vows are soon forgotten
Take care pretty young maids don't never be controlled.

So come all you fair maids and by me take a warning
Don't ever trust a young man in any degree
For when he has tasted the fruits of your garden
Yours will leave you as mine has left me.

As sung by Mary Humphreys on album "Sharp Practice" (Wild Goose WGS 312CD)
From Mary Humphreys and Anahata's web site