from the singing of Percy Webb, Woodbridge

Twas on one stormy winter's night the snow lay on the ground
A sailor boy stood on the quay his ship was outward bound
His sweetheart standing by his side shed many's the silent tear
And as he pressed her to his breast he whispered in her ear

Farewell farewell my own true love this parting brings me pain
I'll be your own true guiding star till I return again
My thoughts shall be of you, of you when the storm is raging high
Farewell my love, remember me your faithful sailor boy.

And with the gale the ship did sail he kissed his girl goodbye
She watched the ship sail out of sight the tear bedimmed her eye
She prayed to Him in heaven above to guide him on his way
And the tender words he'd said to her re-echoed o'er the bay.

But sad to say the ship returned without her sailor boy
He died while on the voyage home, the flag was half-mast high
And when the sailors came on shore to tell her he was dead
With a letter he had wrote to her-These were the words it said?..

As sung my Mary Humphreys on album "Sharp Practice" (Wild Goose WGS 312CD
From Mary Humphreys and Anahata's web site