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Mary Humphreys and Anahata

Traditional English Folk Music

Folk against Fascism

Folk Against Fascism

The British National Party has recently been appropriating British folk music, customs and culture as a means of spreading their racist policies. They are selling traditional music through their Excalibur merchandising arm, despite the protestations of many of the artists included, who find their policies abhorrent.

We are strongly opposed to the misappropriation of our traditional music for this purpose. While we celebrate our national traditions in our music, song and dance

  • we will never knowingly permit our music to be used for racist purposes, and if you ever find it being so used please tell us.
  • We wish to make it quite plain that, regardless of our interest in British traditional music, dance, song and customs, we DO NOT support or endorse the BNP or any of its policies.


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"Not in my name" petition to be handed to European parliament to indicate that BNP leader Nick Griffin does not represent Britain. See the rest of the Hope not Hate web site too for background information.

Unite Agains Fascism, a more general political organisation campaigning against the BNP.

There is a "Folk Against Fascism" web site coming too, we are told, for information about plans - everything from making stickers and badges available to a large-scale concert or tour. Link to follow when the site is announced...